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Published in on June 04, 2008

If it was because of our proximity to earnestly Anglophile Vancouver and Victoria that cricket took root in Seattle at all, its survival is due to our tech industries that lure the Asian subcontinent's best brains. As a result, the Seattle Cricket Club is the oldest (founded in 1964) and largest (50 members, reports president Bunti Sarai) in the Northwest. Those members are kept busy: The SCC fields one team as part of the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League, three in the Northwest Cricket League, and (most observer-friendly) two teams to play "20/20" intramural matches against clubs from elsewhere in the area as well as from Boeing and Microsoft (which itself musters four teams). They play Saturday and Sunday mornings throughout the spring (the season's final dates are June 21–22 and July 5–6) in Redmond's Marymoor Park—in the traditional dress whites. Unlike regular cricket matches—which can be multiday affairs, since (as I understand it) every player on both teams takes a turn, batting and running as long as he can until he gets out—the "20/20" rules limit a match to a fixed number of pitches. In and out in a mere three hours.

The game has a reputation for inscrutability; one good introduction is the Web page "Explaining Cricket to Americans," at Even more fun is to rent the 2002 film Lagaan, a 224-minute Indian-villagers-vs.-hissable-Brits epic that climaxes in an hourlong match. It's not only a great primer for the game, it's a primer with Bollywood production numbers. GAVIN BORCHERT



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